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I wanted to give a shot at putting together different collages, so I posted a survey on Instagram for people to leave suggestions. I went ahead a created a lot of the requests given to me and they quickly became really popular, on both Instagram and TikTok as well.


For my illustration class I got the opportunity to create multiple illustrations on a recognizable figure. I chose Kanye West as my character study and made a set of different illustrations showcasing his influence in music and fashion design. I am really happy with how they all turned out.


For the holiday season, it's time to get some wrapping paper! A lot of holiday gifts are electronic themed and I thought it would be fun to give a subtle nod with a retro styled holiday wrap!


I wanted to display the classic story of “Daniel in the Lion’s Den,” but in a much more powerful way than I think a lot of people would envision it today. This was intense! God protected Daniel, but imagine the other option. Daniel was taking the risk of having one of the most brutal deaths possible, torn apart and eaten alive. In fact, Daniel probably expected that. He knew that a brutal death was the consequence for following God and yet he stood by his faith. However, I wanted to also display how God is always going to be in control of every situation. I didn’t want to go with the cliche choice, but I feel like there is a mood and tone with this story that I think is vital to be explored. The main focus of the piece is how absolutely terrifying the lion is, with God’s control of the situation also being present. Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den for refusing to acknowledge King Darius as practically a god. Darius had made a law saying that whoever prayed to any other god other than himself, would be thrown into the lion’s den. Daniel was thrown in, and a stone was placed over leaving Daniel in pitch black darkness with the lions. When morning came, Daniel was still there, because the Lord had sent angels to bridal the mouths of the lions.