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Many gaming influencers have recently taken to streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch to capture an audience interested in video game commentary. Many streamers are now working into the sponsorship world with logos and product merchandise to grow their brand image. I worked on this project for influencer Jack Walker, who posts video gameplay, to give him a unique and iconic look to his channel.


When creating the book covers for Pittacus Lore’s hit book series, “The Lorien Legacies,” I aimed to create the feeling of being hunted. The red, yellow, and green stoplight color scheme brings together visual consistency for the book series as a whole. It also works as a metaphor, with the group going from hiding, to moving forward and facing their fears. This is why the first book is red and then changing to green over the course of the series.


Along with this website portfolio, it is always nice to keep a physical book with you for interviews and as a leave-behind. Here is the finished product of the book design and a few example pages. It's all done in my favorite colors and fonts, and in the works of my college classmates, "This book just shouts Colt Williams."


The task at hand working on this project was to create all the graphics needs for a Farm-to-Fork organization from it’s logo design, down to it’s menus, packaging, stationary, and social media posts. Hence the name of the farm and café being, “Red Tractor,” the finished logo ended up being a figure ground depicting a fork as the tractor grill and roll, with fall associated colors as most of the menu is heavily inspired by pumpkin based products.


The goal of this project was to creatively repackage a product to improve the marketability. The product involved was a lint roller, which I decided to capitalize on the pet and animal side of the target audience, by catching the eye with a cute icon of the most popular pets people own.

BAM Liquidation flyers

BAM Liquidation Surplus & Closure hired me to work on redesigning all of their in-store posters, along with updated advertisements to post online. BAM Liquidation is a leader in technology recovery, refurbishing and remarking. It was my job to emphasize what they do and reach potential customers.


I was hired onto the team of a small records label called the Joker's House of Cards, from Dallas, Texas, to design different projects such as the album cover and CD designs. The challenge was to match the visual representation of the cover to the mood and feelings the songs conveyed.


My job here was to design and present a promotional campaign for the 2020, “Get Down Downtown” street festival produced by Main Street in Searcy, Arkansas sponsored by First Security Bank. The challenge was to present an exciting and inviting new logo along with banners and posters for the festival in order to get them hyped and come to the festival. I also was tasked with social media posts, website design and badge work, all of which you can view below.


During my internship at the IMW Organization, I was tasked with a lot of the Instagram posts, along with being the lead in all of the motion graphic projects. IMW works to address the unmet needs of the chronic illness community in Palm Beach County, Florida. Here you can see the different Instagram and card designs made for all types of different occasions.


I was hired to create the logo and website design for the SunDown Files website. The website works as a forum and podcast for those who want to write and share scary stories.


I wanted to give a shot at putting together different collages, so I posted a survey on Instagram for people to leave suggestions. I went ahead a created a lot of the requests given to me and they quickly became really popular, on both Instagram and TikTok as well.