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 214-707-4122  /  /  2029 Taylor Ct. Flower Mound, TX 75028

Dear S Campell,

   I’m excited and grateful that I have had the chance to come across your job advertisement and I would love to discuss the opportunity to work at Stonegate as a graphic designer!

   Graphic Design has always been a focal point of my life and I started young to make sure there was no room for error by the time I shared my expertise. I started back in my high school years attended a special career center school based around graphic design, preparing me for college where I now attend as a junior at twenty. Ever since I was 14 years old a great majority of my day was spent dedicated to art and design. I started doing freelance work during college landing me multiple clients such as an Apple distribution center and a record label, who have become reoccurring, showing that my work is professional and consistent. I also bring to the table many qualities that other graphic design graduates can't. I have a strong grasp working in motion graphics and I have an outgoing personality friendly enough that all my friends and family are mad that my potential didn't go into sales. I put my heart into everything and nothing goes uncommunicated to my boss, coworkers, and especially to the clients. If you're looking for effort and energy in the form of someone who understands the importance of communication and understanding then I can definitely help you out with that.

   I am very thankful for your time to look into my resume in hopes of getting to work with you in the graphic design position. If you need any more information or have any questions you can always reach me by email or phone number listed on the top of the page. Thank you again for your consideration! 

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